Safety Helmets

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Industrial Safety Helmet ABS with Ventilation Anti-Impact Construction Hard Hat High Hardness 4 Point Suspension Work Helmet, Universal

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  • High-quality helmet: labor protection helmet construction site, breathable, anti-smashing, anti-impact, ABS helmet construction site
  • Material: Reinforced ABS material, good air permeability, heat resistance, high surface hardness and good chemical resistance. At the same time, it has good electrical insulation properties and is rarely affected by temperature and humidity…
  • Design: 4-point cotton lining for safety and ventilation, 4-point cushioning, when an object hits the helmet, the shell is not stressed
  • Adjustable: buckle design, bayonet design on both sides of the cover, earphones can be installed, convenient for work and communication. Nylon rope adjustment, adjustable length, more comfortable elasticity
  • Scope of application: construction site, electric power, shipbuilding, smelting, installation, etc.

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Dimensions 65 × 36 × 667 cm


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