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Hand-held, re-chargeable UV LED torch to for inspection of small components or hard to reach areas.

  • High UV-A output at 365 nm
  • Produces bright fluorescent effects
  • Contains UV-A long-life LED
  • Includes 2 x batteries, charger and pouch

Includes operating and safety manual, including maximum permissible exposure times for the skin and eyes to help ensure safe use and compliance with your legal obligations.


OptiMinUV solution

OptiMinUV is the gold standard, which includes spares and accessories, a UV meter for process control, UV safety products and information and training to ensure safe use and compliance with your legal obligations. It provides peace of mind that you’ve got performance, risk assessment and control covered, along with the confidence and acceptance of your process by the workforce.

UV meters for process control

UV safety products

UV safety information and training

What’s included

  • UV 5W LED Torch
  • 2 x Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Pouch
  • Operating and Safety Manual

Power supply requirement

  • 100-240 V (50-60 Hz) via USB

UV light irradiance levels

Please contact us to discuss your application in more detail. Our team can help recommend the required UV light set up to provide the minimum UV light irradiance levels required for your process over the desired area.

Distance from the UV source UV light irradiance
10 cm 16,000 uW/cm2
20 cm 11,300 uW/cm2
38 cm 8,540 uW/cm2
50 cm 3,220 uW/cm2
100 cm 820 uW/cm2


UV source 1 x UV-A LED
Life span 20,000 hours
Peak wavelength 365 nm
Power 5 W
Construction material Anodised aluminium
Dimensions 150 mm (L) x 29 mm (W)
Rating IP 64


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