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PROTECT INNOCENT EARS from the perils of loud music and over-enthusiastic pep rallies with HEAROS Just for Kids Ear Plugs. Specially reconfigured for diminutive ear canals, HEAROS Just for Kids are ideal for ages 3-12 years old.

NRR 28 CERTIFIED ear plugs for kids protect young ears from sounds up to 28 decibels. Our expandable foam ear plugs seal out high-intensity sounds of lawn mowers, leaf blowers and highway noise to help deter hearing loss.

SOFT, HYGIENIC closed-cell foam skin makes our kids’ ear plugs comfortable for long-term wear and impervious to dirt. Their safety-orange color makes them easy to find in low-light conditions, and the optional cords reduce loss.

MADE UNDER RIGOROUS quality control protocols for reliable noise reduction. Each box contains 3 pairs of reusable ear plugs for kids, plus a compact storage case for easy packing in a gym bag, backpack or carry-on luggage.

Music to your ears

The sound of your child’s laughter is a joy unlike any other, and you hope they’ll someday know that same joy. HEAROS Just for Kids Ear Plugs offer protection from prolonged exposure to loud noises, helping ensure an adulthood of melodious music, compelling conversations and lighthearted laughs. Certified NRR 28, these specially designed noise cancelling ear plugs for kids let youngsters enjoy their active lifestyles with wild abandon.

Little ears are always listening

That means they’re exposed to the same traffic noise, machinery and music volumes as you. Our Just for Kids Ear Plugs possess all the noise-cancelling properties of our safety ear plugs for adults, but in an extra-small size. The expandable-foam design seals out noise by conforming to little ear canals, all while staying in place during boisterous play. Because of the soft, closed-cell skin of our ear plugs, your child can play all day with them in. If they need to be removed, the included cords let your child hang HEAROS around their neck for easy retrieval when playtime resumes.

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Model 1110
Color Orange
Minimum Order Quantity 500 Piece
Brand 3M
Model 1110 foam ear plug.


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