Oxygen Safe sealing Tape (PTFE TAPE)

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oxygen (12mmx10m) (19mmx10m) (25mmx10m)

Oxygen safe ​PTFE Tape

for sealing oxygen systems

oxygen bottles and pipe lines

pressures up to 300 bar as tested by Air Liquide

tested and approved by BOC, AND BAM institute of berlin

Colour Green

Length /10m

Width /12mm , /19mm and /25mm

Thickness 0.102m m ± 10%Oxygen data sheet 1. (2022)



Is a full or maximum density, thread sealing tape designed specifically for oxygen lines. where as normal PTFE thread sealing tape is manufactured from PTFE resin mixed with a small amount of solvent. For normal applications it does not matter if the solvent is not removed from the finished product. However, when operating in a pure oxygen environment remaining volatiles can react with the oxygen and cause an explosion. So Cobas Green Oxygen Tape is put through a rigorous process to remove the solvent. Furthermore, Cobas Green Oxygen Tape is a thick, full-density thread sealing tape. Thus, the fitter can be assured that he or she will get an effective seal. Also, as an important safety feature, Cobas Green Oxygen Tape is pigmented green to ensure that the fitter or inspector can easily recognize that the tape he or she is using is compatible with oxygen.

Suitable for sealing oxygen systems and other gases. Provides an impenetrable barrier to oxygen at pressures up to 300 bar as tested by Air Liquide with a Wide temperature range -268c to +260c  Will not string or shred only a few wraps required
Tested and approved by BOC, and BAM institute of Berlin

Product Details

Colour Green

Length /10m

Width /12mm , /19mm and /25mm

Thickness 0.102m m ± 10%

Density, apparent 1.5g/cm 3± 10%

Elongation >100%

Tensile strength 12.5N /m m 2 average

Pressure rating  Green Oxygen Tape has been used regularly on oxygen fittings at pressures up to 4,351PSI .or 30,000kPa

Note . Pressure ratings are relative to the quality and torquing of the fittings and the amount of tape used.

SKU: oxygen (12mmx10m) (19mmx10m) (25mmx10m)


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